About Shai Ltd

About Shai Ltd

Shai Ltd Company was founded in 1970 by Aharon Ginsberg.
The company is family owned. At the beginning the company manufactured advertising products made of PVC plastic, Propylene and etc. most of the products were produced for the Institutional market, and the manufacture of the coverage of identity card, for the ministry of the Interior.
After the opening of the Chinese market all the production moved to China.

Today the Shai Ltd Company has 2 main business areas:

Photography products  like albums, frames, tripod bags and more.
Electric Bikes – Shikko e-bikes is the home brand of Shai Company.

The company has line production of electric bikes in china and controls all the production process: starting from the chassis, continuing with butteries that has Samsung cells
 and finally integrating all elements to build the right product for the Israeli market

Shai Ltd company has chain stores all over the country and also work with authorized resellers with a wide range of exclusive e-bikes and accessories.

Contacting network management

Shikko Electric bicycles available in stores throughout the country