Shikko tiger xl - Fat Tire E-Bikes

Shikko tiger xl - Fat Tire E-Bikes​

Shikko tiger xl – Fat Tire E-bikes

suits your purposes!

Rushing to work? Going out to freshen up?
Wondering which vehicles to choose?
Shikko tiger xl – fat tire E-bikes will suit your purpose!
Whether you're on your way to work, planning to meet friends or just go for a ride and enjoy the view, this is the model for you!

Shikko tiger xl electric bikes has the fat tire capability to ride in different roads and weather conditions combined with the power and performance of an advanced and powerful engine.

These are full suspension bikes therefore you won't feel the transitions between different road conditions at all.
It's a tough model with high durability for different kinds of roads.


Safety above all!

When we designed this model we thought first and foremost about the safety of the riders.
Wide CST tires give good road grip and thus the riders achieve more confidence and control while riding, they also reduce the danger of slipping.

The size of the bike and its presence will make other riders notice you easily.
With a powerful headlight and a rear braking system (as in a car) including right and left signaling, you will see and be seen at night.

The hydraulic brakes will protect you during braking.
Only a light click is required to get an immediate and safe stop.


Young and innovative design!

Shiko Tiger XL bike with a young and innovative design
Comes in three colors black dark red and blue.
An exceptional model with a presence and power that can't be ignored.



Frame: Aluminum 6061
Wheels: Magnesium alloy
Battery: 48V 16A
Front brake: RST
Horn: electric
Throttle finger: According to a new standard
Tires: 20X41/4 CST 4.0
Grip: Adjustable
Display: Digital monitor with sophisticated color screen
Backlight: Warning lights when stopping with a signaling system
Travel range: 40 km for a person up to a weight of 75 kg
Hydraulic brakes: WUXING
Crank set: PROWHEEL
Pedals: WELGO

Shikko tiger xl - Fat bikes​

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